Help Local Businesses & Farms

Support local businesses and farmers by buying their high quality products. With Peach, you have 100% transparency about whom you are buying from and where your money is going

Save Time

Searching, connecting and buying on Peach is the fastest way to source locally. You are clicks away from some of the best and healthiest products in the country

Grow Your Network

Peach markets your business and grows your network, freeing you time to focus on farm, restaurant or store

We’re not the only ones  happy , excited about Peach

Featured Articles
Chef YatesMarriott Hotels
I see many opportunities with this app, to be able to reach out to a farmer from this app and gain information about products and even order them without ever stepping out of the kitchen! Great idea!!
Kelli CollinsJoseph's Grainery
Peach is extremely simple and intuitive to use. I've been impressed with how clean, clear and easy the app is, Peach helps us to save time and resources to do what we do best - farm!


Buy for your restaurant, store, chain, workplace and more


Search for the products you want and view detailed information about where those products come from. Manage orders from multiple suppliers and free up time for other activities. If you and your business care about fresh local foods, Peach is here to help


Grow, make, or manufacture a product


Upload new products, manage inventory and accept orders on one device. Meet new buyers, communicate, and maintain relationships to build your business and provide nutrient-rich products to your local economy


On your mobile phone or tablet, order management and product discovery are with you everywhere you go


Details like special ingredients and company practices allows Buyers to filter quickly and find products that precisely fit their needs


Product discovery and sourcing used to take weeks, if not months, of searching. Peach allows transactions to happen faster, saving time and money in the process


Peach matches local Buyers to local sellers which supports the local economy and provides nutrient rich products to the customers

About Us

Peach is the only mobile platform that allows chefs, restaurants, farmers, ranchers, and grocery stores to connect through one seamless experience to find the best local foods and products.

We saw the difficulty for local businesses and restaurants to discover fresh, local foods and products as well as manage their ordering process. Our team is passionate about small business and the Go Local movement and have made it our mission to match Sellers of local products up with Buyers who are looking to source locally.

We look forward to meeting you and understanding how our technology can better serve your needs. To contact us, please write to



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do Buyers use Peach?

    Buyers are interested in supporting their local economy by purchasing local. Peach simplifies the discovery process and provides more up-front information for buyers to make better decisions when purchasing. By simplifying the discovery process, Buyers can source more locally produced and grown products in a fraction of the time.

    How does the ordering system help Buyers?

    Buyers looking to purchase goods from sellers who are not in a distributor’s catalog oftentimes spend too much time managing orders on multiple systems. Peach allows for all orders to be consolidated, providing an easy to understand system where Buyers can track order history and analytics.

    How does the ordering system work?

    Buyers who elect to purchase goods or products from a Seller who does not use a distributor can use Peach to place orders. Once an order is placed, Peach notifies the Seller of the request and an order is placed. All money transactions are handled between the Buyer and Seller through other mediums.

    Why do Sellers use Peach?

    Peach allows Sellers to list their goods and products with basic information that Buyers find useful when making purchasing decisions. This information speeds up the velocity of decision-making and the in-app communication and ordering tools speed up and consolidate all communication between Sellers and Buyers. Sellers now have the ability to put their local, nutrient rich products in the hands of more Buyers, and then consumers, than ever before.

    What problems do Sellers run into when trying to market and sell their products?

    Most Sellers would rather focus on what they love, producing their goods and products, rather than making sales calls or cold calls. Many of our Sellers produce local products and do not have the infrastructure to support a full marketing and sales team. Peach solves those problems for the Seller by marketing and selling their products and allowing the Sellers to focus on what they do best, producing!

    Does Peach offer delivery or distribution options as well?

    No. At the moment all delivery and distribution needs to be communicated and handled between the Seller and Buyer. But don’t worry, we are actively working on a solution!

    Contact Us

    Phone: 972-415-5123
    Austin, TX

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